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Research Projects

Major Research Project

  • The Current State and Policy Tasks for Local Food Plan
  • Standardization of and Tasks for Agricultural Product Logistics and Goods in Global Age
  • A Study on the Improving the Public Food Supply System for Public Meal Services

Major Research Fields by Period

Major Research Fields by Period
2011 ~ 2015
  • Capability buildup and development of future growth engine for stable growth of agriculture
  • Construction of agro-food system for quality of life
  • Construction of livable rural society through revitalization
  • Coping with changes of internal and external conditions and crisis management enhancement
  • Restructuring of agricultural policy enforcement system for policy performance improvement
2006 ~ 2010

FTA negotiations, climate change & green growth, promotion & development of agro-food industry, elevation of farmers' quality of life, improvement of distribution system, policy visions for agriculture, development & cooperation for world agriculture, discovery and promotion of new engines of growth

2001 ~ 2005

Trade negotiations on rice, WTO/DDA and FTAs, North Korean and Chinese agriculture, rural policies of local governments, farm income safety, agricultural information, sustainable agriculture, food safety, agricultural exports, rural welfare, regional development

1996 ~ 2000

Evaluation of agricultural investment measures, agricultural cooperatives reform, the Comprehensive Plan for Rice Industry, direct payment measures, the enhancement of commodity competitiveness, fishery technology development, environment-friendly agriculture, agricultural outlook

1991 ~ 1995

UR trade negotiations, enhancing competitiveness, structural reform in agriculture and fishery, rural investment policies, farmland policy, agribusiness enterprises

1986 ~ 1990

Non-farm income, the comprehensive development plan for rural areas, farmland lease, wholesale market construction, farm household debts, rural welfare, development of mountainous areas

1980 ~ 1985

Food self-sufficiency and grain policy transformation, price measures for agricultural and fishery products, farm labor and mechanization, diversified farming

Direction of Research Projects

Major Research Fields by Period
  • Research for the innovation and growth of agriculture and rural communities and for setting the medium- and long-term direction of agricultural policy
  • Research for stabilizing farm management and strengthening the public interest role of agriculture
  • Research for improving rural communities' capacity and the quality of rural life
  • Research for the stable supply of safe agro-food
  • Research for responding to changes in trade conditions and improving international agricultural cooperation
  • Agricultural and rural research that leads the changes of the times
  • Research for strengthening agro-food safety and stabilizing farm management
  • Research for creating new growth engines of agriculture
  • Research for improving the quality of rural life and rural communities' capacity
  • Research for responding to changes in trade conditions and strengthening international cooperation
  • Present a vision for agriculture and rural communities and the direction of agricultural policy
  • Enhance the agriculture and rural sector's ability to respond to crises, and strengthen the sector's social buffering function
  • Lay the foundation for the sustainable growth of the agricultural, forestry, livestock and food industries
  • Increase the quality of rural life and vitalize rural communities
  • Respond to the expansion of trade liberalization and improve international agricultural cooperation
  • Forecast the medium- and long-term outlook for agriculture, rural communities and the food industry and set the direction of agricultural policy
  • Develop the agriculture and livestock sector into a future growth industry through creative innovation
  • Stabilize farmers' income and the supply and demand of agricultural and livestock products
  • Enhance farmer welfare and revitalize local communities
  • Respond to changes in domestic and foreign conditions and expand international agricultural cooperation
  • Improve agricultural policy performance by creating an efficient policy implementation system
  • Expand the agricultural industry's new growth engines and enhance its competitiveness
  • Build a stable supply system of safe agro-food
  • Vitalize rural regions by raising the quality of life
  • Enhance the agricultural sector's ability to respond to changes in domestic and foreign conditions

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