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We lead the sustainable future of Korean agriculture and rural communities

President, Korea Rural Economic Institute
Chang-Gil Kim

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Welcome to the Korea Rural Economic Institute (KREI).

Since its establishment in 1978, KREI, a national policy research institute, has led the development of agriculture, rural areas, and the food industry as a think tank for agricultural policy.

Korean agriculture and rural communities have been faced with internal and external changes in the environment, including agricultural market opening, the aging of the rural population, climate change, and the spread of convergence with ICT and BT. Particularly, new policy issues include an increase in urban people returning to farming or rural areas, the improvement of the quality of rural life, the growth of the food industry, food safety, the promotion of the sixth industry, and firms’ participation in agriculture. Now it is time to seek the vision and development directions for sustainable agriculture and rural communities in preparation for the fourth industrial revolution and entry into the new normal era and an emotional society.

Through accurate diagnoses and effective research, KREI will proactively respond to these changes and present policy directions so that Korean agriculture and rural regions can overcome difficulties and make a new leap forward. In particular, we will build a system for supporting government projects and conducting reliable, field- centered research, and improve the practicality of studies. Also, we will establish domestic and international research networks for synergy effects with a goal of becoming a hub of agricultural policy research in Northeast Asia.

Through these efforts, KREI will be committed to achieving its vision of becoming an agricultural policy research institution which leads the sustainable future of agriculture and rural communities. I would appreciate your continued interest and support.

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