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Research Reports

KREI publishes reports through medium- and long-term research related to agricultural and rural policies, and through studies in various fields to promptly respond to current issues.

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No Title Date Writer View Attach
No 2883 Title Annual Report 2018 Date 2019.06.30 Writer KREI View 11537 Attach
No 2882 Title The Consumer Behavior Survey for Food 2018 Date 2019.05.17 Writer Lee, Kyeiim View 9246 Attach
No 2881 Title KREI Research Summaries 2017 Date 2019.04.30 Writer KREI View 5246 Attach
No 2880 Title The Evaluation of Agricultural Multifunctionality : Focused on Sustainable Livestock Production Date 2019.03.30 Writer Kim, Soosuk View 11853 Attach
No 2879 Title An International Comparative Analysis of Production Structures of Major Agricultural and Livestock Products and Plans to Improve Management Performance Date 2019.03.30 Writer Seo, Daeseok View 3891 Attach
No 2878 Title 2018 Public Opinion Survey on Agriculture and Rural Areas Date 2019.03.29 Writer Song, Seonghwan View 8062 Attach
No 2877 Title Impact Assessment of Climate Change on Rain-fed Lowland Rice Productivity in Lao PDR and Farmers’ Adaptation Preference Date 2019.03.29 Writer Lim, Youngah View 5369 Attach
No 2876 Title A Study on the Comparative Advantage and the Capacity of Korean ODA in the Agricultural Sector Date 2019.03.29 Writer Chung, Kiwhan View 6453 Attach
No 2875 Title The Impact of the New Climate Regime on the Agriculture, Livestock and Food Sectors and Countermeasures (Year 2 of 2) Date 2019.03.05 Writer Jeong, Hakkyun View 25658 Attach
No 2874 Title Rural Prospects and Planning Strategies on Rural Development (Year 2 of 3) Date 2019.02.26 Writer Sim, Jaehun View 23586 Attach

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