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Journal of Rural Development

The Journal of Rural Development is a Korean NRF-registered journal in the field of agricultural and rural policy. You can submit papers in the fields of agricultural economy, rural society and welfare, and agricultural trade.

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No 1047 Title The Decomposition of Productivity and Profitability of Rice Production in Korea Date 2019.09.30. Writer Sung, Jaehoon View 1570 Attach
No 1046 Title An Analysis of HPAI Risk Factors by Characteristics of Poultry Farm Date 2019.09.30. Writer An, Miran View 28090 Attach
No 1045 Title The Relationship between Korean Rural Development Policy and Saemaul Undong in 1970s Date 2019.09.30. Writer Kim, Wanjoong View 27997 Attach
No 1044 Title Prosocial Preference for the Consumption of Livestock Products Date 2019.09.30. Writer Chang, Jaebong View 28241 Attach
No 1043 Title The Economic Incentives of Achieving the Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Target of the 2030 Reduction Roadmap of Korea Date 2019.09.30. Writer Lee, Seungho View 28104 Attach
No 1042 Title Effects of Nutrition Information and Exercise on Dietary Pattern of Hypertensive Group Date 2019.09.30. Writer Won, Jingi View 28442 Attach
No 1041 Title Demand Analysis of Processed Food Using the Usage Differentiated AIDS model Date 2019.09.30. Writer Ji, Jeonghun View 1242 Attach
No 1040 Title Does the Internet Search Index Precede the Purchase of Agro-food Products? Date 2019.06.30. Writer Rho, Hoyoung View 28372 Attach
No 1039 Title Analyzing the Determinants of Purchashing Behavior on Imported Korean Fresh Agricultural Products in Ulan Bator, Mongolia Date 2019.06.30. Writer Yi, Hyangmi View 27455 Attach
No 1038 Title Effects on Depression of Social Exclusion of Older People in Rural Areas: Focus on Mediating Effects of the Experiences of Discrimination Date 2019.06.30. Writer Kim, Soojin View 27014 Attach

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