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Journal of Rural Development

The Journal of Rural Development is a Korean NRF-registered journal in the field of agricultural and rural policy. You can submit papers in the fields of agricultural economy, rural society and welfare, and agricultural trade.

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No Title Date Writer View Attach
No 1058 Title Examining the Effect of Corn Price Risk on Import Source Diversification Date 2019.12.31. Writer Suh, Donghee View 902 Attach
No 1057 Title Journal of Rural Development vol.42 special issue Date 2019.12.31. Writer View 1211 Attach
No 1056 Title Does the Farmer Field Schools Program Improve Farmers’ Behavior to Adopt the Drought-tolerant Rice Varieties in Pangasinan, the Philippines? Date 2019.12.31. Writer Cho, Sunmee View 893 Attach
No 1055 Title Economic Ripple Effects of Health-Functional Food Industry Applying Input-Output Analysis Date 2019.12.31. Writer Kim, Donghoon View 791 Attach
No 1054 Title The Use of Price Elasticity to Estimate Future Volatilities in Stochastic Simulation: an Application to the Korean Rice Market Date 2019.12.31. Writer Soon, Byungmin; Westhoff, Patrick; Han, Sukho; Thompson, Wyatt View 905 Attach
No 1053 Title Determinants in Participation Rate of Female Farmers’ Farming Activities by Age Groups Date 2019.12.30. Writer Eom, Jinyeong View 19404 Attach
No 1052 Title Profitability and Risk Analysis of the Solar Power Generation Project by the Korea Rural Community Corporation Date 2019.12.30. Writer Kim, Taehoo View 1131 Attach
No 1051 Title The Effect of School Dietary Education on Adolescent Fruit and Vegetable Intake Date 2019.12.30. Writer Yeon, Kwanghun View 19234 Attach
No 1050 Title Does Domestic Agricultural Production Strengthen Food Security? Date 2019.12.30. Writer Kim, Taehwa View 19651 Attach
No 1049 Title Demand Forecast for Agricultural Labor for Years 2020-2025 Date 2019.12.30. Writer Jung, Jinhwa View 19179 Attach

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