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Journal of Rural Development

The Journal of Rural Development is a Korean NRF-registered journal in the field of agricultural and rural policy. You can submit papers in the fields of agricultural economy, rural society and welfare, and agricultural trade.

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No 13 Title A Look at the Economic Externalities of Pesticide Use Date 1979.04. Writer Huh, Shinhaeng View 8839 Attach
No 12 Title An Integrated Perspective of Food Polices: Identification of Policy Alternatives Date 1979.04. Writer Whang, Injoung View 8934 Attach
No 11 Title Agricultural Structural Policy in The Framewark of Regional Development Date 1979.04. Writer Theodor Dams View 8816 Attach
No 10 Title Sociocultural Transformation in Rural Korea: A Focus on the Human Element and Social Organization Date 1979.04. Writer Kim, Kyungdong View 9090 Attach
No 9 Title Reflfctions on the Agricultural marketing System in Transition: The Korean case Date 1979.04. Writer Kim, Sunghun View 9150 Attach
No 8 Title Issues and Strategies for Agricultural Growth in Korea Date 1979.04. Writer Kim, Donghi View 8760 Attach
No 7 Title Toward an Idea of Agricultural Economics : A Critique on the Idea of the Applied Economics of Agriculture Date 1978.11. Writer Choe, Yangboo View 10861 Attach
No 6 Title Relative Wage Income Share in the Korean Agricultural and Manufacturing Sectors Date 1978.11. Writer Kim, Youngsik View 8110 Attach
No 5 Title The Cobweb Theorem and Government Policy : The Case of Korean Kimchi Vegetable Date 1978.11. Writer Huh, Shinhaeng View 8527 Attach
No 4 Title Food Marketin Innovations Date 1978.11. Writer Sung, Baiyung View 8988 Attach

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