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Journal of Rural Development

The Journal of Rural Development is a Korean NRF-registered journal in the field of agricultural and rural policy. You can submit papers in the fields of agricultural economy, rural society and welfare, and agricultural trade.

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No 1023 Title Shapley-Value Decomposition Analysis of Farm Household Income Inequality by Income Source in South Korea Date 2018.12.30. Writer Heo, Deungyong View 26147 Attach
No 1022 Title A Study on the Determinants of the Vietnamese Consumers' Purchase Intentions of Korean Agro-food Date 2018.12.30. Writer Kim, Sanghyun View 26490 Attach
No 1021 Title An Analysis of User Satisfaction for Renovation Projects of Irrigation Facilities Date 2018.12.30. Writer Han, Jaehwan View 25926 Attach
No 1020 Title World Grain Price Forecasting using Dynamic Factor Models Date 2018.12.30. Writer Kim, Jongjin View 25597 Attach
No 1019 Title The Economic Effects of Droughts: Focused on Rice Production Date 2018.09.30. Writer Sung, Jaehoon View 32834 Attach
No 1018 Title Willingness-to-Pay for and Welfare Analysis of Senior-Friendly Foods Date 2018.09.30. Writer Jin, Hyunjoung View 32100 Attach
No 1017 Title Factors Affecting Households' Kimchi Procurement Channels Date 2018.09.30. Writer Jeong, Hongju View 31590 Attach
No 1016 Title Analysis of Willingness to Pay for Cheese Characteristics Using the Hedonic Price Model Date 2018.09.30. Writer An, Miran View 30599 Attach
No 1015 Title Developing a Supply and Demand Model of Hanwoo Using Beef Traceability Data Date 2018.09.30. Writer Kim, Chunghyeon View 31936 Attach
No 1014 Title Contributions of Agricultural R&D to Farm Income by Farm Household Types Date 2018.06.30. Writer Kwon, Ohsang View 36454 Attach

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