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Journal of Rural Development

The Journal of Rural Development is a Korean NRF-registered journal in the field of agricultural and rural policy. You can submit papers in the fields of agricultural economy, rural society and welfare, and agricultural trade.

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No 1036 Title Income Inequality of Korea for Urban, Farm and Fishery Households, and Determinants of Household Income Date 2019.06.30. Writer Sung, Myungjae View 3377 Attach
No 1035 Title International Comparison of Rates and Major Functions in the Wholesale Market of Fruits and Vegetables - Mainly Korea, Japan and France Date 2019.06.30. Writer Choi, Byungok View 30058 Attach
No 1034 Title Decomposition of Farm Household Income Inequality by Farm Types Date 2019.03.31. Writer Lee, Douyoung View 38186 Attach
No 1033 Title The Welfare Impacts of the Egg Pesticide Contamination Incident in Korea Date 2019.03.31. Writer Cho, Hyunkyoung View 20495 Attach
No 1032 Title An Analysis of the Effects of Return-to-farm Related Policies on the Household Income of People Returning to Farming Date 2019.03.31. Writer Chun, Iksu View 36429 Attach
No 1031 Title An Analysis of Manufacturers' Perceptions on the Certified Raw Materials of Health Functional Foods Date 2019.03.31. Writer Nam, Kyungsoo View 36289 Attach
No 1030 Title Factors Affecting the Successful Settlement of Young Beginning Farmers Date 2019.03.31. Writer Ma, Sangjin View 42198 Attach
No 1029 Title A Multivariate Tobit Estimation of Rural Land Rental and Labor Market Participation Decisions of Farm Households in Ethiopia Date 2018.12.31. Writer Zegeye Tirfe View 5261 Attach
No 1028 Title Journal of Rural Development vol.41 special issue Date 2018.12.31. Writer Korea Rural Economic Institute View 8880 Attach
No 1027 Title Time-Saving Food Preparation Pattern and its Relationship to Income and Age Cohort in Korea Date 2018.12.31. Writer Elizabeth Jiyoon Kim View 5360 Attach

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