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Journal of Rural Development

The Journal of Rural Development is a Korean NRF-registered journal in the field of agricultural and rural policy. You can submit papers in the fields of agricultural economy, rural society and welfare, and agricultural trade.

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No Title Date Writer View Attach
No 1006 Title Journal of Rural Development vol.40 special issue Date 2017.12.31. Writer Korea Rural Economic Institute View 9826 Attach
No 1005 Title Trends in South Korea’s Grants-Based Aid for Agricultural Sector in Developing Countries Date 2017.12.31. Writer Lee, Hyejin View 5959 Attach
No 1004 Title Impact of Increased Imports of Agricultural Products due to FTAs on Domestic Price Decline Date 2017.12.31. Writer Jeong, Minkook View 8566 Attach
No 1003 Title The Production and Dissemination of Agricultural Knowledge at U.S. Research Universities Date 2017.12.31. Writer Lee, Yoohwan View 4861 Attach
No 1002 Title An Economic Effect of the Crop Insurance at the Farmland in Korea Date 2017.12.31. Writer Park, Jiyeon View 5861 Attach
No 1001 Title Is A Target Price Responsible for Rice Oversupply? Date 2017.12.30. Writer Rhew, Chanhee View 4914 Attach
No 1000 Title Estimating the Damage Function of Disease and Insect Pest of Ginseng Considering Spatial Autocorrelation Date 2017.12.30. Writer Kim, Yongjoon View 4942 Attach
No 999 Title An Analysis of Chinese Urban Householder’s Food Consumption at the Province-level Date 2017.12.30. Writer Park, Yunsun View 3304 Attach
No 998 Title A Decomposition of the Changes in Household Food Expenditure Date 2017.12.30. Writer Kim, Sungyong View 3815 Attach
No 997 Title A Study on the Improvement of Price Forecasting Model for Harvested Rice Date 2017.09.30. Writer Kim, Jongjin View 8865 Attach

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