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Journal of Rural Development

The Journal of Rural Development is a Korean NRF-registered journal in the field of agricultural and rural policy. You can submit papers in the fields of agricultural economy, rural society and welfare, and agricultural trade.

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No 996 Title Optimal Speculative and Hedging Decisions of Competitive Importing Firms with Commodity and Foreign Exchange Rate Futures Date 2017.09.30. Writer Sagong, Yong View 5021 Attach
No 995 Title A Cost-effectiveness Analysis on Integrated Care of Health and Social Welfare Programs in Rural Areas Date 2017.09.30. Writer Eom, Jinyoung View 3785 Attach
No 994 Title The Effect of Introducing the U.S. Reinsurance System to the Korean Crop Insurance Program Date 2017.09.30. Writer Kang, Sujin View 13410 Attach
No 993 Title An Ex-ante Assessment on the Korean Beef Industry with Respect to Ending the Import Ban of EU Beef SPS Date 2017.09.30. Writer Han, Sukho View 12280 Attach
No 992 Title The Consumer Welfare Impacts of Public Food Quality Control Date 2017.06.30. Writer Kwon, Ohsang View 4897 Attach
No 991 Title Determinants for the Vegatable Farmers in Participating Cooperative Sales Date 2017.06.30. Writer Yi, Hyangmi View 14882 Attach
No 990 Title A Study on the Determinants of Corn and Wheat Futures Prices: Using Bayesian Model Averaging Date 2017.06.30. Writer Choi, Sujin View 4542 Attach
No 989 Title Analysis on the Consumers’ Preferences for the Equestrian Service Date 2017.06.30. Writer Kim, Hyunjoong View 13590 Attach
No 988 Title Comparison of Time Series Forecasting Models in Garlic's Wholesale Price Date 2017.06.30. Writer Lee, Hyungyong View 9579 Attach
No 987 Title An Economic Impacts of the FTA’s on Korean Dairy Industry Date 2017.06.30. Writer Jeon, Sanggon View 6565 Attach

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