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Journal of Rural Development

The Journal of Rural Development is a Korean NRF-registered journal in the field of agricultural and rural policy. You can submit papers in the fields of agricultural economy, rural society and welfare, and agricultural trade.

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No 986 Title Land to the Tiller: A Comparison of Land Reform in South Africa and South Korea Date 2017.03.30. Writer Casper Hendrik Claassen View 4866 Attach
No 985 Title A Socio-Economic structure of Korean Rural communities based on Polanyi’s view Date 2017.03.30. Writer Kwon, Byungoug View 5901 Attach
No 984 Title Global Food Insecurity and the Unequal Playing Field in World Agriculture Date 2017.03.30. Writer Moon, Wanki View 5284 Attach
No 983 Title Comprehensive Rural Development Strategies of Korea and their Implications to Developing Countries Date 2016.12.30. Writer Heo, Jang View 6990 Attach
No 982 Title Journal of Rural Development vol.39 special issue Date 2016.12.30. Writer Korea Rural Economic Institute View 8419 Attach
No 981 Title A Way forward to Sustainable International Forestry Cooperation: A Case Study of the ‘Greenbelt Plantation Project in Mongolia’ Date 2016.12.30. Writer Lee, Daeseob View 6944 Attach
No 980 Title Construction of the Rural Development Index: The Case of Vietnam Date 2016.12.30. Writer Kim, Taehwa View 5460 Attach
No 979 Title Multilevel Analysis on Mother’s Nutrition Label Use and Children’s Propensity for Being Overweight Date 2016.12.30. Writer Cho, Sungju View 5474 Attach
No 978 Title Revisiting the Classified Milk Pricing System: Seasonal and Spatial Milk Pricing in the U.S. Date 2016.12.30. Writer Seo, Hongseok View 5541 Attach
No 977 Title Assessment of Market Power and Cost Efficiency Effects in the U.S. Beef Packing Industry Date 2016.12.30. Writer Ji, Inbae View 5142 Attach

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