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Agri-Policy Focus

"Agricultural Policy Focus" is a brief issue paper on the results of research for promptly responding to the latest agricultural and rural issues.

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No Title Date Writer View Attach
No 31 Title 10 Agricultural Policy Issues of Korea in 2019 Date 2019.01.29. Writer Jeong, Minkook View 2659 Attach
No 30 Title State of Korean and Overseas Markets for Environment-Friendly Agricultural Products and Challenges 2018 Date 2018.09.12. Writer Jeong, Hakkyun; Sung, Jaehoon; Lee, Hyeonjeong View 787 Attach
No 29 Title Measures to Establish the Water-Energy-Food Nexus for Agricultural Resource Management Date 2018.09.05. Writer Sung, Jaehoon; Cho, Wonju; Lee, Hyeonjeong View 727 Attach
No 28 Title Changes in the Trade of Agricultural and Livestock Products and Implications after Seven Years from the Enforcement of the Korea-EU FTA Date 2018.06.29. Writer Song, Woojin; Lee, Hyunkeun; Myeong, Suhwan; Yoo, Juyoung View 659 Attach
No 27 Title 10 Agricultural Policy Issues of Korea in 2018 Date 2018.01.22. Writer Kim, Byoungryul View 1931 Attach
No 26 Title Income Changes by Type of Farm Household and Implications Date 2017.11.30. Writer Woo, Byungjoon View 2441 Attach
No 25 Title Fact-checking of Unbalanced Korea-U.S. Trade and Countermeasures in the Agricultural Sector Date 2017.10.17. Writer Lee, Hyunkeun; Myeong, Suhwan; Lim, Chehwan; Song, Woojin View 1632 Attach
No 24 Title Implementation Plan and Implications of International Development Cooperation Projects for Agriculture in 2017 Date 2017.04.28. Writer Heo, Jang View 2379 Attach
No 23 Title 10 Agricultural Policy Strategies and 30 Tasks for the Future Date 2017.04.25. Writer Lee, Myeongki View 1000 Attach
No 22 Title Job Creation Potential for the Youth and Challenges in the Agricultural Industry Date 2017.01.01. Writer Ma, Sangjin View 2002 Attach

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