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Journal of Rural Development

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Analyzing the Determinants of Purchashing Behavior on Imported Korean Fresh Agricultural Products in Ulan Bator, Mongolia
Author Yi, Hyangmi
Views 29707 Publication Date 2019.06.30
To diversify the agricultural exports of Korea, this study selected Mongolia, which is located closest to China, as a sampling area and sought ways to promote the export of fresh agricultural products to Mongolia. This study analyzed the contributing factors to the export, such as Mongolian consumers’ purchasing intentions, as well as the purchasing price of fresh Korean products in Mongolia, using the Heckman two stage correction model. Based on the results of the analysis, this study suggested the following policy implications. First, Mongolian consumers’ intention of purchasing fresh Korean produce was higher when consumers were younger in age, from a bigger city, had higher income, or had any past experience visiting Korea. Therefore, it was is necessary to understand the demographic characteristics of Mongolian consumers and then actively use niche marketing strategies. Second, the purchase intention of Mongolian consumers towards fresh Korean produce increased when buying behavior occurred in department stores rather than traditional markets. Hence, we proposed a strategy for fresh Korean products to prioritize sales locations; department stores and traditional markets. Third, it was necessary to seek ways for reducing the price of fresh Korean produce, which was too high in Mongolia due to high air transportation costs.

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