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25th Rural Policy Forum Held by KREI on the Direction of Rural Policies in the Era of Decentralization
Writer KREI
Date 2019.07.09

25th Rural Policy Forum Held by KREI on the Direction of Rural Policies in the Era of Decentralization

The Korea Rural Economic Institute held its 25th Rural Policy Forum with the theme, Right Direction of Rural Policies at the Era of Decentralization.
This forum was also a policy briefing session of local governments on the direction of development projects for agricultural, mountain and fishing villages. It is expected to change because part of the federal government's financial projects will be handed over to local governments. The event was attended by about 400 people, including project managers from local governments, field activists, and experts, and showed a special interest in the federal government's direction for reforming rural development projects.
At the first part of the event, the following presentations on various topics and a policy briefing session were provided: "Direction of the Integrated Development of Rural Areas through Project Network" by KREI Senior Research Fellow, Sim Jaehun; "Proposal for Tasks and Future Direction of Rural Village Development in accordance with the Transfer of Rural Development Projects to the Local Governments" by Director of the Chungnam Village Development Support Center, Goo Jain; "Development Projects for Agricultural, Mountain and Fishing villages After the Decentralization" by Head of Rural Development Division in the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs, Kim Chul.
The second part of the event consisted of a question and answer session, as well as a comprehensive discussion with experts. Project managers of local governments and field officials questioned about detailed changes on existing projects and the direction of newly introduced rural agreements according to the decentralization. They actively expressed their opinion on considerations for more rural development in the future.


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