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About KREI
The Korea Rural Economic Institute (KREI) is a government-funded research organization. In 1978, KREI was established by the Korean government to play an important role in developing sound agricultural and forestry policies aimed at the balanced development of urban and rural areas. Our research covers agricultural economics, marketing of agricultural products, rural development, agricultural outlook and international agricultural trade negotiations. About 100 experts are working to provide a new vision for agriculture.
To contribute to the nation's economic development and the enhancement of public welfare by conducting comprehensive surveys and research on the agricultural and forest economy and rural community development



  • August 2019

    The 15th president, Kim Hong-sang took office.

  • June 2016

    The 14th president, Kim Chang-gil took office.

  • August 2015

    KREI relocated to Gwangju-jeonnam Joint Innovative City.

  • July 2015

    The Center for Rural Welfare Policy Research and Agricultural Policy Evaluation was founded.

  • January 2014

    The Center for International Agricultural Partnership was founded.

  • May 2013

    The 13th president, Choi Sei-kyun took office.

  • April 2013

    The Sejong Situation Room at the Agricultural Outlook Center was created.

  • May 2012

    The Center for Rural Information & Culture (CRIC) became an independent organization.

  • March 2012

    The FTA Implementation Support Center opened.

  • October 2011

    The 12th president, Lee Dong-phil took office.


  • September 2009

    The Agricultural R&D Promotion Center(ARPC) became an independent organization and renamed as the Korea Institute of Planning and Evaluation for Technology of Food, Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries.

  • October 2007

    KREI Beijing Office opened

  • April 2005

    The Center for Rural Information & Culture(CRIC) established as an affiliate


  • January 1999

    KREI became a research arm of the Prime Minister's Office according to "The Law on the Foundation, Management, and Growth of Government-Financed Research Institutes"

  • September 1995

    ARPC established as an affiliate


  • December 1989

    40 Years of Korean Agricultural Policies published

  • April 1988

    KREI 10th Anniversary

  • January 1984

    KREI reunion(Yonwoohoi) started


  • April 1978

    Korea Rural Economic Institute established as a non-profit institution

  • November 1973

    National Agricultural Research Institute(NARI) restructured to become National Agricultural Economic Research Institute(NAERI) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries

  • September 1967

    NARI established at the Rural Development Agency

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