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KREI publishes reports through medium- and long-term research related to agricultural and rural policies, and through studies in various fields to promptly respond to current issues.

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No Title Date Writer View Attach
No 2907 Title Diagnosis of the Policy of International Grains Import and Measures for Improvement Date 2020.03.04 Writer Park, Seongjin View 73313 Attach
No 2906 Title Efficient Farmland Resource Management Considering Environmental Services Date 2020.03.04 Writer Lim, Youngah View 69381 Attach
No 2905 Title A Study on How to Use the Creative Class for the Vitalization of Rural Areas Date 2020.03.04 Writer Kim, Kwang–Sun View 60341 Attach
No 2904 Title Promoting Overseas Private Investments for Northern Economic Cooperation in the Agriculture Sector Date 2020.03.04 Writer Kim, Jongsun View 57649 Attach
No 2903 Title Logistics and Standardization of Agricultural Products: Current State and Directions for Improvement Date 2020.03.04 Writer Kim, Byungryul View 132386 Attach
No 2902 Title Ways to Spread Agricultural Technologies and Innovative Outcomes for the Growth of the Agricultural Sector (Year 1 of 2) Date 2020.02.18 Writer Park, Jiyun View 60492 Attach
No 2901 Title The Current Status of Changes in Korean Rural Villages and Direction for Mid- and Long-term Development (Year 5 of 5) Date 2020.02.18 Writer Seong, Jooin View 98710 Attach
No 2900 Title The Fulfillment of the Livestock Industry’s Social Responsibility and Policy Issues (Year 2 of 2) Date 2020.02.18 Writer Woo, Byungjoon View 51978 Attach
No 2899 Title Improving Measures of the Agricultural Policy Implementation System for Regional Decentralization(Year 2 of 3) Date 2020.02.18 Writer Kim, Jeongseop View 66101 Attach
No 2898 Title A Study on the Response Strategies of Agriculture and Rural Areas in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Year 2 of 2) Date 2020.02.18 Writer Kim, Yeanjung View 102970 Attach

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