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Research Reports

KREI publishes reports through medium- and long-term research related to agricultural and rural policies, and through studies in various fields to promptly respond to current issues.

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No 2977 Title Social Economy Strategies for Inclusive Growth and Social Innovation in Rural Korea : Management and Practice of the Social Economy Organizations Date 2022.02.28 Writer Kim, Jeongseop View 18886 Attach
No 2976 Title Reforming Direction of Optional Direct Payments for Enhancing Public Benefits of Agriculture and Rural Community Date 2022.02.28 Writer Kim, Taehun View 15432 Attach
No 2975 Title Measures to Reduce Agri-food Waste at the Retail and Consumption Stages Date 2022.02.28 Writer Hong, Yeona View 15239 Attach
No 2974 Title Nonpoint Source Pollution of Agriculture Water: Current State and Suggestions for Improvement Date 2022.02.25 Writer Rhew, Chanhee View 18253 Attach
No 2973 Title Planning Consultation Projects for Agricultural Development Cooperation Date 2021.06.17 Writer Heo, Jang View 47934 Attach
No 2972 Title The Consumer Behavior Survey for Food 2020 Date 2021.05.21 Writer Lee, Kyeiim View 37432 Attach
No 2971 Title Agriculture in Korea 2020 Date 2021.04.01 Writer Korea Rural Economic Institute View 30169 Attach
No 2970 Title Policy Tasks to Use Forest Biomass as a Local Energy Source Date 2021.03.29 Writer Min, Kyungtaek View 42825 Attach
No 2969 Title A Study on the Reshape of Local Wholesale Market Functions for Local Food System Setup Date 2021.03.29 Writer Choi, Byungok View 52367 Attach
No 2968 Title Annual Report 2020 Date 2021.03.24 Writer KREI View 47711 Attach

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