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Country Partnership Strategy in Agriculture and Forestry Sector with Kyrgyzstan
Author Cha, Wonkyu
Views 14899 Publication Date 2022.04.08
Background and Purpose
○ Through the 3rd Master Plan for International Development Cooperation, announced recently, the government included the three northern countries of Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan in its priority partner countries.

○ Though they have been selected as priority countries, priority areas and specific strategies are still under consideration. Also, regarding the priority areas determined by the government, agriculture and rural areas fall in the field of regional development and not in a separate field. Thus, there are difficulties in fully analyzing the status of Kyrgyzstan’s agriculture and forestry and establishing systematic strategies based on in-depth analysis.

○ As such, it is meaningful in terms of support for government policy and timely research to establish development cooperation strategies by thoroughly studying the status of Kyrgyzstan’s farming and rural areas and setting improvement tasks.

○ The purpose of this research is to formulate Korea’s strategies for international cooperation for development regarding agriculture and forestry of Kyrgyzstan. Specifically, this research sets priority areas for agriculture and forestry and suggests specific implementation tasks.

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