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Country Partnership Strategy in Agriculture and Forestry Sector with Ukraine, Mongolia, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan
Author Cha, Wonkyu
Views 13033 Publication Date 2022.04.08
Research Background
○ The government establishes and announces the Master Plan for International Development Cooperation every five years. This is to effectively promote official development assistance (ODA) through selecting priority partner countries and priority areas. However, implementation directions and strategies for each priority area are not detailed. With the ODA budget for agriculture and forestry steadily increasing, the government needs to formulate specific development cooperation strategies suitable for the characteristics and environment of each nation. For these endeavors, this study conducts in-depth strategic research to support the government’s ODA policy for agriculture and forestry.

○ The government supports the diversification and expansion of foreign cooperation in economic and foreign affairs, and research to back such initiatives is necessary. Under the ‘five-year policy roadmap (July 2017)’, the government has established as tasks for state affairs the ‘strengthening of economic diplomacy and development cooperation to enhance national interests.’ In addition, the government promotes policies for diversifying its diplomacy and expanding economic exchanges, such as the New Northern Policy and New Southern Policy.

Research Purpose
○ This study aims to formulate Korea’s development cooperation strategies for agriculture and forestry by examining and analyzing the status of agriculture and rural areas of the four countries of Ukraine, Mongolia, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine’s national and agricultural development strategies, international and Korea’s trends in development and assistance and Korea’s comparative advantage. To this end, this research intends to select priority areas for agriculture and forestry and specific implementation tasks for each priority area.

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