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Country Partnership Strategy in Agriculture and Forestry Sector with Ukraine
Author Cha, Wonkyu
Views 8876 Publication Date 2022.04.08
ackground and Purpose
○Under the recently released 3rd Master Plan for International Development Cooperation for 2021-2025, the Korean government has recently selected Ukraine as its new priority partner. The plan has unveiled priority partner countries, but not priority areas yet. As such, it is essential to identify needs for Korea’s development cooperation with Ukraine in the fields of agriculture and forestry and establish effective ODA strategies in the future.

○The government is further diversifying foreign cooperation in economic and foreign affairs. Notably, it endeavors to achieve more tangible results in economic cooperation through the New Northern Policy. Ukraine is an exporter of major grains, such as wheat, soybean, and maize, and Korean agricultural and food companies are actively doing business there. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate cooperation strategies for harmonizing development and economic cooperation.

○This research aims to establish and suggest development cooperation strategies tailored to Ukraine’s farming and forestry. To this end, we examined and analyzed the status of Ukraine’s agriculture and rural areas, its national and agricultural development strategies, trends in development and assistance of the international community and Korea, and Korea’s comparative advantage, thus suggesting priority areas and specific tasks for the agriculture and forestry of Ukraine.

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