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A Study on the Agri-Food Marketing Channel Usage
Author Kim, Seongwoo
Views 15166 Publication Date 2022.04.14
Purpose of Research
○ The purpose of this paper is to investigate the use of agri-food marketing channels to provide information on the current status, obstacles, and future prospects. Specifically, we generate basic data on the usage and satisfaction of agri-food marketing channels and online platform service. Through the analysis of individual shopping data, we also investiage the change in the use of marketing channels over time and the difference of marketing channel usage between agri-food and other products. Finally, to understand the effect of the characteristics of agricultural products on the use of marketing channels, the use of maketing channels by agricultural product items is analyzed.

Research Method
○ This study conducted a survey to analyze households' use of agri-food marketing channels, difficulties, and future prospects. In addition, the change in agri-food marketing channels was analyzed through the analysis of the ‘Consumer Insight Shopping Planning Survey’ raw data and the ‘2021 Agri-food Consumption Information Analysis Project’ raw data. Finally, the determinants of agri-food marketing channel usage and satisfaction were analyzed using econometric methodology.

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