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Low-Carbon Agricultural Policies in Major Countries
Author Jeong, Hakkyun
Views 14848 Publication Date 2022.05.27
Purpose of Research
○ The agricultural sector should be in a step toward the effort for the green economy to complete carbon-neutral obligations, overcome environmental challenges and secure growth engines. For a successful shift to the green economy, agriculture needs reasonable reduction targets, technological development and policy programs to achieve the targets.

○ This study investigates and analyzes the current status of greenhouse gas emissions, reduction technologies and policies in the agricultural sector of major advanced countries such as the EU, the United States and Japan. In addition, The purpose of this study is to derive implications for revitalizing the use of green technology in Korean agriculture based on the cases of major countries.

Research Method
○ This study reviews and analyzes studies related to green economy and green technology conducted by relevant institutions and research institutes in EU, the United States and Japan.

Main Findings
○ As a result of examining the examples of major countries' greenhouse gas reduction policies, the EU continues to expand support for climate change mitigation in the agricultural sector. In particular, in the case of the CAP to be implemented in 2023-2027, it was planned to support the agricultural environment direct payment system through payment for enhanced conditionality, ecological system, and agro-environment-climate responsibility.

○ The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) provides information at the government level to help producers better understand the financial incentives needed to adopt greenhouse gas mitigation technologies. In addition, they are planning to support greenhouse gas reduction by strengthening the CRP (Conservation Reserve Program) and the CSP(Conservation Stewardship Program).

○ In relation to the issue of greenhouse gas emissions, Japan has specifically presented a strategy and road-map for the continuation and growth of the agriculture, forestry and fisheries sector, rather than the contraction of the agriculture, forestry and fisheries sector.

Policy Suggestions
○ As an example of a major country, Korea is also supporting economic incentives by actively utilizing existing policies and projects for greenhouse gas reduction policies. In addition, we suggested that it is necessary to provide objective information to producers and establish specific mid- to long-term strategies and action plans and systematically promote them.

Researchers: Jeong Hakkyun, Lee Yonggeon, Jeong Seonhwa
Research period: 2021. 1. ∼ 2021. 12.
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601, Bitgaram-ro, Naju-si, Jeollanam-do, 58217, KOREA TEL : +82-61-820-2000 FAX : +82-61-820-2211