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KREI publishes reports through medium- and long-term research related to agricultural and rural policies, and through studies in various fields to promptly respond to current issues.

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연구보고서 목록 - 번호, 제목, 등록일, 저자, 분류, 조회수, 첨부 제공
No Title Date Writer View Attach
No 3050 Title A Study on Improving Grain Policy for Strengthening Food Security Date 2024.05.30 Writer Seung, Junho View 2412 Attach
No 3049 Title The Consumer Behavior Survey for Food 2023 Date 2024.05.09 Writer Lee, Kyeiim View 3556 Attach
No 3048 Title Current Dynamics of Rice Seed Value Chains in Seven African Countries Date 2024.04.30 Writer Cha, Wonkyu View 3248 Attach
No 3047 Title International Joint Symposium - Rice Seed Certification and Distribution Systems in Africa Date 2024.04.30 Writer KREI View 4372 Attach
No 3046 Title Measures to Strengthen Intellectual Property Rights in Agricultural and Rural Resources Date 2024.04.17 Writer Kim, Yonglyoul View 7839 Attach
No 3045 Title 2023 Public Survey on Agriculture and Rural Areas Date 2024.04.05 Writer Kim, Suelynn View 5312 Attach
No 3044 Title Price Determination Structure and Impact in the Food Supply Chain Date 2024.03.29 Writer Kim, Jongjin View 6457 Attach
No 3043 Title A Study on Vitalizing Green Economy in the Agricultural and Forestry Sectors(Year 3 of 3) Date 2024.03.28 Writer Jeong, Hakkyun View 5971 Attach
No 3042 Title Country Partnership Strategy in Improved Rice Seed Production and Distribution in 7 African Countries Date 2024.03.27 Writer Cha, Wonkyu View 6909 Attach
No 3041 Title Policy Tasks for Expand and Stabilize Agricultural Jobs for an Inclusive Society(Year 3 of 3) Date 2024.03.26 Writer Eom, Jinyoung View 6791 Attach

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