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Journal of Rural Development

The Journal of Rural Development is a Korean NRF-registered journal in the field of agricultural and rural policy. You can submit papers in the fields of agricultural economy, rural society and welfare, and agricultural trade.

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No Title Date Writer View Attach
No 1125 Title A Study on Structural Changes and Volatility of World Grain Prices due to the Progress of Financialization Date 2024.03.20. Writer Kim, Wooseok View 1691 Attach
No 1124 Title Climate change and agricultural income – an empirical analysis using farm household economic survey data in Korea Date 2024.03.20. Writer Kim, Dukpa View 1279 Attach
No 1123 Title Analysis of the Impact of Disaster Support Payments on Household Beef Purchases: Focusing on the Effects by Income Groups Date 2024.03.20. Writer Jeon, Mugyeong View 1226 Attach
No 1122 Title Forestry Household Income Inequality and Decomposition Date 2024.03.20. Writer Kim, Minkyung View 1544 Attach
No 1121 Title The Effect of Food Consumption Lifestyle on the Purchase Experience, Satisfaction, and Purchase Intention of Convenience Foods: Focusing on the Mediation Effects and Moderation Effects by HMR Type Date 2024.03.20. Writer Han, Eunsu View 1686 Attach
No 1120 Title An Analysis of Forest Product Processing Centers’ Efficiency and its Determinants Date 2024.03.20. Writer Lee, Hyunkeun View 1526 Attach
No 1119 Title An Analysis of the Mitigation of Volatility in Disease Treatment Costs of Korean Hanwoo beef Farming with Livestock Disease Insurance Date 2024.03.20. Writer Nam, Kyungsoo View 1427 Attach
No 1118 Title Analyzing Determinants of Rice Consumption: An Application of Age-Period-Cohort model Date 2023.12.20. Writer Moon, Donghyun View 4136 Attach
No 1117 Title The Effect of Fine Dust Concentration on Changes in Fresh Agrifood Consumption Date 2023.12.20. Writer Jo, Yongbeen View 3748 Attach
No 1116 Title A Study on Improving the Base Yield Calculation Method for Crop Insurance Program: Focusing on the Case of Jeollanam-do Date 2023.09.30. Writer Jeong, Hojung View 5191 Attach

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