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KREI publishes reports through medium- and long-term research related to agricultural and rural policies, and through studies in various fields to promptly respond to current issues.

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No Title Date Writer View Attach
No 7 Title An analysis of social achievements of the Saemaeul Undong for rural villages (sponsored by the IBRD) Date 1978.12.01 Writer Choe, Yangboo View 20251 Attach
No 6 Title Social effects of the Rural Saemaeul Undong (sponsored by the IBRD Loan) Date 1978.12.01 Writer Choe, Yangboo View 18085 Attach
No 5 Title Agricultural Policy Tasks During the Transitional Period and Countermeasures: Seminar Results Date 1978.11.01 Writer View 17082 Attach
No 4 Title Food Management System of Japan Date 1978.10.01 Writer Kim, Kisung View 23537 Attach
No 3 Title Common Agricultural Policy of EC Date 1978.08.01 Writer View 20840 Attach
No 2 Title Agriculture in the 1970s and Overall Changes of Rural villages Date 1978.05.01 Writer View 137491 Attach
No 1 Title Food balance sheet, 1976 Date 1977.12.30 Writer View 7459 Attach

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