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KREI publishes reports through medium- and long-term research related to agricultural and rural policies, and through studies in various fields to promptly respond to current issues.

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No Title Date Writer View Attach
No 2957 Title A Panel Survey for Rural Villages (Year 1 of 10) Date 2021.03.15 Writer Song, Miryung View 49425 Attach
No 2956 Title Ways to Vitalize Technology Financing for the Agro-food Industry Date 2021.03.15 Writer Kim, Mibok View 40105 Attach
No 2955 Title The Current Status of the Sugar Industry and Development Strategies Date 2021.03.15 Writer Park, Seongjin View 34359 Attach
No 2954 Title Research on the eco-friendly agricultural input Industry and Policy Recommendations Date 2021.03.15 Writer Sung, Jaehoon View 34788 Attach
No 2953 Title Policy Tasks for Establishment of Participatory Irrigation Management Date 2021.03.15 Writer Cho, Wonjoo View 29132 Attach
No 2952 Title Consumer Behavior for Meat Consumption and Tasks to Respond to Its Changes Date 2021.03.15 Writer Jeong, Minkook View 62908 Attach
No 2951 Title The State of Rural Festivals and Improvement Measures to Use Them for Regional Vitalization Date 2021.03.15 Writer Kim, Kwangsun View 38322 Attach
No 2950 Title Characteristics and Growth Factors of Start-ups in Rural Areas Date 2021.03.15 Writer Chung, Dochai View 50042 Attach
No 2949 Title The Current Status of Rural Vacant Houses and Policy Tasks Date 2021.03.15 Writer Jung, Moonsoo View 61313 Attach
No 2948 Title A Strategy for Enhancing Development Effectiveness of Multi-bilateral Aid in the Agricultural Sector Date 2021.03.15 Writer Cha, Wonkyu View 27264 Attach

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