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KREI publishes reports through medium- and long-term research related to agricultural and rural policies, and through studies in various fields to promptly respond to current issues.

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No Title Date Writer View Attach
No 2937 Title Policy Tasks for Foreign Worker Employment amid Changes in the Agricultural Employment Environment Date 2021.02.26 Writer Eom, Jinyoung View 65676 Attach
No 2936 Title A Study on Strengthening Competitiveness of the Korean Kimchi Industry Date 2021.02.26 Writer Hwang, Yunjae View 44754 Attach
No 2935 Title Analysis of the Integrated Crop Livestock Farming System and Improvement Ways Date 2021.02.26 Writer Jeong, Hakkyun View 62359 Attach
No 2934 Title Reforming Agricultural Water Policy for Integrated Water Resources Management Date 2021.02.25 Writer Cho, Wonjoo View 18273 Attach
No 2933 Title Key Areas for Agriculture and Rural Development through Development Cooperation: A Supporting Study for Agricultural Development Cooperation Strategy for Nepal, India, Ghana, Senegal, and Bolivia Date 2020.12.30 Writer Yuga Nath Ghimire et al. View 12101 Attach
No 2932 Title Korea's Rural Development Strategy : english edition Date 2020.11.30 Writer Park, Sihyun View 70370 Attach
No 2931 Title Korea's Rural Development Strategy Date 2020.08.31 Writer Park, Sihyun View 69070 Attach
No 2930 Title Comparison of health status and the effectiveness of health cost between rural and urban residents Date 2020.05.30 Writer An, Sok View 33165 Attach
No 2929 Title The Consumer Behavior Survey for Food 2019 Date 2020.05.29 Writer Kim, Sanghyo View 24081 Attach
No 2928 Title A Study on Actual Conditions of Farm Asset Utilization Date 2020.05.21 Writer Lee, Douyoung View 32224 Attach

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