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Country Partnership Strategy in Agriculture and Forestry Sector with Tajikistan
Author Heo, Jang
Views 50519 Publication Date 2022.04.08
Background and Purpose
○The Republic of Tajikistan is one of the poorest countries in Central Asia. Since its independence in 1991, major sources of national revenue are minerals, cotton, and electricity in the public sector, and transfer income from migrant laborers mostly working in Russia in the private sector.

○The Korean government selected it as a prioritized country in implementing official development assistance (ODA) through the Third Basic Plan for International Development Cooperation.

○This study analyzes the situation of the agriculture and rural sectors of Tajikistan as well as its current national and agricultural sector development strategies. Based on the results, this study suggests development cooperation strategies in the agriculture and forestry sector with Tajikistan.

Research Methodology
○We reviewed various literature, statistics, and databases related to development cooperation for our research. Amid travel restrictions due to the COVID-19, we commissioned on-site research to a local expert (National Agriculture Policy Expert of the Agrarian Reforms Secretariat under the Ministry of Agriculture). She and her team contributed to our research, by gathering information and writing a manuscript on topics: i) the status of the agriculture and forestry sector and its challenges; ii) the status and problems of land management, agricultural water infrastructure, and the value chains of primary crops; iii) implications and potential areas of cooperation with Korea.

○To calculate the degrees of importance among value chain stages and identify cooperation needs with Korea, we surveyed government officials and experts through online questionnaires for two months between September and October 2021. We utilized the responses for frequency and Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) analyses.

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