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The Consumer Behavior Survey for Food 2021
Author Lee, Kyeiim
Views 21125 Publication Date 2022.04.27
Background of Research
As a response to the changing food consumption behaviors, it is necessary to conduct multi-faceted surveys on a continued basis to identify the food consumption trends. However, the government approved statistics regarding food consumption have focused only on the survey on food spending, while the surveys on other areas remained very insufficient. So far there hasn’t been a survey performed to show the overall aspects of food consumption behaviors.
To understand food consumption behaviors in detail and to use them as a useful base of analysis in production and developing a related policy, the representative sampling for food consumption surveys needs to be pursued, being conducted on a regular basis.

Method of Research
For the 2020 survey, we designed a composite sample using newly extracted sample households from Statistics Korea as well as the samples of the 2019 survey.
The areas included in the survey are the consumers’ food consumption patterns (with regards to food choices, nutrition, health, etc.); food purchase and consumption behaviors; food consumer characteristics; eating out patterns; consumers’ self-evaluation on their food consumption patterns; the current status of food consumption education and promotion; and key policy issues. In this study, a two-step survey is designed. First, the household- level survey is designed to ask questions to the main food purchaser of a household regarding the family’s food consumption and the characteristics of the household. Secondly, the household member-level survey is designed to ask questions to any household members (13∼74 years of age) their food consumption status outside of home and individual perceptions on food consumption. When the respondents are adolescents, a different set of questionnaire was used considering their limited experience in terms of food consumption compared with adults.

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